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Top 6 apps to Spy on Whatsapp 2021

Spy on WhatsappThere are many legitimate reasons for a person to look for tools to spy on WhatsApp.

You can be a parent concerned about your child, you can be a partner suspicious of betrayal, you can also be an entrepreneur wanting to monitor your company’s cell phones.

When it comes to how to spy on WhatsApp, I can assure you that the safest and most reliable way to do this is through a spy app.

For this reason we selected the 6 best tools for you who want to spy on WhatsApp.

Spy on Whatsapp FAQ ​

  • Is Spy on Whatsapp legal?

It depends for what purpose you are going to do that.

If it’s being used to track a minor’s cell phone activity, to track your own phone, or with the consent of the person being tracked, it’s legal.

Now, if it is used to install on another individual’s device without their consent, it is illegal. In that case we advise you to use this product only for legitimate reasons.

  • Do I need access to the device I want to spy on?

Yes, you will need to have access to the device at least 1 time in order to install the spy app on the phone you want to monitor.

Spy on Whatsapp

  • Can I find out if my cell phone is being spied on?

Yes, you simply need to keep an eye out for suspicious looking apps or notifications on your device. You can also install antivirus software to detect and eliminate spyware, malware or adware of any kind on your device.

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spy on WhatsApp

1) Safer Spy

spy on WhatsApp

Safer Spy, in addition to being one of the most secure WhatsApp spy app on the market, has more than 20 functions available for you to use and a very intuitive and easy-to-access interface.

The application has live functions such as: ambient listening, live screen, call recording. Which are some of the most sought after functions by spy app users.

Main functions

  • Live Functions
  • Call recordings
  • WhatsApp Audios
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • Real-time locationl


The app is incredibly smart and performs all its spy features flawlessly. Interface  and usability note 10 and very efficient support.


20 days US$34,99

3 months US$55,99

6 months US$69,99

Website: Safer Spy

Principal Features of Safer Spy

You will have access to all Whatsapp conversations, messages, photos and audios received and felt. If you are suspicious or looking for some relevant information on someone’s mobile device, download our Whatsapp spy app now on the target mobile phone and clear up your doubts.

Get access to all Facebook Messenger conversations. Check out all the content of the conversations on the most used social networking application

You will have access to recording of incoming and outgoing calls through the phone clip, with date, time and duration of the calls. If the number is recorded in the phonebook of the target device, the name of the person to which that number belongs will also appear.

Through Google Maps you can see all the locations where the target device is with date, time and day of the location of that device, you will have access to the location where the device was throughout the day

All keys and texts that were typed on the target device will be made available to you, including in which application or device function that text was typed.

You will have access to all conversations from Instagram Direct.

You will be able to see which websites were visited by the user of the target device with specific date and time of access.

You will have access to all photos received and sent on the target device from the most diverse applications installed on this Android phone.

All text messages are available for viewing in the Safer Spy dashboard

Ambient audio listening, live screen, live video and several other features are also available by installing the Safer Spy  app.

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2)Web Detetive

Spy on Whatsapp

 Web Detetive, here is another app to spy on Whatsapp that sells itself as one of the top parental spy apps; however, it can be used for a variety of personal and commercial purposes.

this application to spy on WhatsApp was developed by a Brazilian company, which greatly facilitates communication between customer and company in cases of support and help.

The app may become undetectable while relaying information to your secure account, which you can access 24 hours a day.

Main functions

  • Facebook Spy
  • Call recordings
  • WhatsApp Audios
  • Support in Portuguese
  • Real-time location


It’s a convenient app to spy on Whatsapp that deploys all the spy features you’ll need to effectively monitor a device. It’s spectacular to use and affordable to buy.


20 days R$179,99

3 months R$299,99

6 months R$399,99

Website: Web Detetive

3)Own Spy

spy on WhatsApp

Here’s another app to spy on Whatsapp and 3 from our list. With up to 26 features and more in the future, with OwnSpy for Android and iPhone you can keep your child safe by supervising what’s happening on their devices.

You can monitor the activity of any device in real time with one of the best app to spy on Whatsapp on the market: WhatsApp, SMS, call history, GPS, keywords and more.

Main functions

  • Available for Android and Iphone
  • Key words
  • Call history
  • Real-time location


OwnSpy is a phenomenal tool, especially if you need to monitor different types of devices both Android and Iphone. That alone makes the tool worth buying.


15 days €39,00

1 month €59,00

12 months €199,00

Website: OwnSpy


Spy on Whatsapp

FlexiSpy is a very popular app to spy on Whatsapp that is often considered one of the best spy apps of its nature.

Its expansive and intuitive list of features further helps consolidate its legacy as one of the best Android mobile spy apps on the market to monitor a device remotely.

Main functions

  • Call monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Keylogger


The app can be used for something as basic as monitoring calls and messages, or something even more advanced, such as hacking cameras and keylogging. The application performs all the features it offers in a spectacular way.


3 months 199,00 US$

12 months 349,00 US$

Website: FlexiSpy


Spy on Whatsapp

What really sets it apart from others on the list is the fact that it is primarily used as a parent monitoring app. MSpy is limited in the number of features it offers.

You will get all the basic features like cell phone monitoring, location tracking, multimedia file monitoring, etc.

MSpy, however, avoids advanced features like call recording or environmental. However, you can remotely control apps and programs on a device via mSpy.

Main functions

  • Available for Android and Iphone
  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • Online activity tracking
  • Location tracking


MSpy is perfect for parents and businesses looking to get one of the most advanced Android mobile spy apps money can buy.


1 month 71,11 US$

3 months 119,76 US$

12 months 203,64 US$

Website: MSpy


Spy on Whatsapp

ClevGuard, the app can be used for something as basic as monitoring calls and messages, or something even more advanced, like hacking cameras and keylogging.

In addition to offering an app to spy on Whatsapp, ClevGuard also offers the Anti-Spyware service to protect against attacks or viruses that your mobile device could face.

Main functions

  • Provides an Anti-Spyware
  • Real-time futuristic dashboard
  • Comprehensive tracking of online activities


ClevGuard offers different types of products within its website, offering much more than a spy app for Android.

ClevGuard also provides products for mobile devices in Android and iOS versions.


1 month 29,95 US$

3 months 49,95 US$

12 months 99,95 US$

Website: ClevGuard


Spy on WhatsApp

After reading this review, you will be able to select one of the app to spy on Whatsapp that best suits your needs. The best parental controls and cell phone tracker apps include Safer Spy, Web Detective and OwnSpy.

The image above shows the interface and the great usability that the  Safer Spy has.

Try now for free Safer Spy and see with your own eyes the best app to spy on WhatsApp.

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