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Unfortunately not, only if you already had the Safer Spy app installed on your device.
Yes, it works anywhere in the world. You need the target device to have an internet connection to send the information to the panel.
Yes, that’s why it’s extremely important that you follow all the steps of the installation video and erase the histories so as not to leave any traces.
Yes, you can listen WhatsApp audios.
First of all, you must install Safer Spy on the target device you want to monitor, after that go to the website and login on control panel available on the website with the email and password you registered in the installation. There will be all the information of the device you installed Safer Spy on.
Yes, you can access the control panel from any device with internet access, including iphone.
No, you just need to choose one of the plans available on the website, after confirming your payment and support activate your license the spy app will work again.
In this case you will need to install Safer Spy on this new device and ask the Safer Spy’s support team to transfer your license to this new device.
Yes, however all steps described in the installation video must be done correctly. then the application will be invisible and has no way of being discovered.


You must install the app on the new device and ask the Safer Spy support team to transfer your license to this new device.
Yes, you can install the application even without a chip, when the target insert the chip and downloads the applications, Safer Spy starts to monitor the device. This way you can buy a device and install the Safer Spy app to give as a gift to someone.
No, you can do this by accessing the control panel available on the website.
No, Safer Spy is exclusive for cell phones with Android system.
No, the app should only be installed on the target phone you want to monitor.
Unfortunately not. You will need to download and install Safer Spy on the device you want to monitor.
Yes, at least once you will need the phone in hand to install Safer Spy and adjust some settings.


If you’ve already taken the 48-hour free trial and liked the app, you can access the site, go to the “Shop” tab, choose one of the available plans and make the payment. After payment is confirmed, your plan will be activated and you will have access to all the features of Safer Spy.
Yes you can, but we advise you to always take the free 48 hour trial to see how the app works.
Each license you activate entitles you to monitor a mobile device. If you need to monitor more than one cell phone you will need to purchase more licenses.

Start Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps:

Download and install the app
Download and install the app on the target cell phone. It takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% invisible.
Login to our website
Safer Spy will continuously send all the information from the mobile to your online account.
Monitor the target device
By accessing your account online, through a cell phone or computer, you will be able to see all the information of the monitored cell phone.