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How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp

The reasons boyfriends start taking this survey: “How to spy on my girlfriend’s WhatsApp?” are varied, but one of the most common is possible jealousy.

There are many cases where the boyfriend thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him or is unfaithful, and the easiest method to confirm or dismiss these fears is to access her WhatsApp.

Another reason to spy on your girlfriend’s WhatsApp is to find out who she’s been talking to, and possibly find out what secrets she’s sharing with those contacts.

Most of the time, the boyfriend who gets to the point of looking for an answer to this question: “How to spy on my girlfriend’s WhatsApp?” are in an abusive relationship or are afraid of being cheated on. Sometimes it can also be a matter of insecurity or a desire to control your girlfriend’s actions.

Table of Contents

How to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp with spy app?

  • 🕵️‍♂️ How a spy app works:

To get started you must download and install the app on the device you want to monitor. It will be invisible on the device forwarding information to your dashboard.

In step 1 of the installation, it’s time to register an email and password of your choice. Once this is done and completing the installation, the cell phone is now monitored undetectably.

Safer Spy will start sending the information to an exclusive panel, which can be accessed by you from any device with internet, through the email and password you registered when installing the app.

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

  • 💵 How much does a spy app cost?

You can test for free for 48 hours, this period you must use to check which features your target device will support, after performing the test, if you want to continue using, you hire a plan.

Plans may vary depending on how long the App is used. You can check prices and plans by clicking here.

  • 📍 Do I need access to the device I want to spy on?

Yes, you will need to have access to the device at least 1 time in order to install the spy app on the phone you want to monitor.

Start Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps:

Download and install the app
Download and install the app on the target cell phone. It takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% invisible.
Login to our website
Safer Spy will continuously send all the information from the mobile to your online account.
Monitor the target device
By accessing your account online, through a cell phone or computer, you will be able to see all the information of the monitored cell phone.

Free Trial for 48 hours

How apps work to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp:

  • Safer Spy 🥇

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

Safer Spy is a highly reliable application to spy on my girlfriend’s WhatsApp that allows users to track all of their target’s mobile without root or jailbreak.

The Safer Spy spy app is compatible with any mobile device with Android system.

Next, see its main functions and then see how easy and agile it is to install the application in the tutorial below and start secretly monitoring right now.

Dozens of Resources. An app.

Install and start secret monitoring. Watch the video and find out how:

Free trial for 48 hours

  • mSpy 🥈

mSpy is an application to view WhatsApp messages from another cell phone that allows its customers to track someone’s WhatsApp usage.

The app also allows users to monitor calls, text messages, location, web browsing, apps and much more.

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

The app is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set up as it comes with a setup wizard.

Once installed, the application will anonymously send data and information to your control panel, allowing you to view and monitor everything that happens on the device.

  • eyeZy 🥉

The eyeZy spy app offers users the ability to remotely monitor any Android or iOS device. eyeZy is easily accessible and offers a high level of device surveillance, allowing users to keep track of any user’s online and offline activities.

eyeZy comes with many tools to monitor devices, from checking browsing history to analyzing voice calls. The app also allows users to track app usage as well as the device’s current location.

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

Furthermore, eyeZy has some unique features like the ability to monitor messaging activity such as WhatsApp, KiK, Tinder, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook and others.

This allows users to see which contacts have been added, check messages exchanged and even access shared media files.

How to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web:

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

If you want to use WhatsApp Web instead of using spy app to spy on girlfriend WhatsApp then follow these easy steps listed below.

  1. Step: Open WhatsApp Web on your computer via this link:
  2. Step: Take your target’s phone, open the WhatsApp app, and press the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Step: Click on “Linked devices”
  4. Step: Then on “Link a device”
  5. Step: A screen with a QR code reader will appear
  6. Step: Point the code reader at your computer’s QR code and your connection will be established for you to see real-time messages on your screen!

 📍 Remember that your target receives notifications on your device that someone is connected to your WhatsApp, and when viewing the conversations, they will appear as “already viewed” to the target, unlike the spy app.

That’s why we indicated at the beginning of this article the application to spy on the girlfriend’s WhatsApp, in addition to being invisible, it is 100% undetectable.

Click the button below to complete your free trial!

Free trial for 48 hours

How to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp with Chat Backup:

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

You can also view your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages through backups of the conversations created by the application, but for that you need specific tools and software that allow you to decrypt the backup packages. However, these actions are performed as follows:

  1. Step: Uninstall WhatsApp from the phone and reinstall it;
  2. Step: Connect with the phone number and accept WhatsApp backup;
  3. Step: Once downloaded, all chats appear, as well as those that were deleted.

If you want to protect yourself from this method, saving your backups to Google Drive is recommended as this creates an additional layer of security.

How to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp with Chat History:

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

You can also view WhatsApp messages from another cell phone by exporting WhatsApp conversations, which are backups of conversations created by the app.

Send backups of the conversations you want to see to your own email or even your own WhatsApp.

These actions are performed as follows:

  1. Step: Access the part of the WhatsApp settings that you want to track, click on “Chats”;
  2. Step: Select the “Chat History” option;
  3. Step: Select the “Export Chat” option;
  4. Step: Select the conversation you want to export to your email;
  5. Step: Choose to backup with or without media files;
  6. Step: Select export via email;
  7. Step: Choose which email you want to send it to.

Now that you know what the different spying methods can be, make sure you protect your WhatsApp account and avoid these types of acts that can harm your privacy and integrity.

What is the best application to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp?

The best app to spy on girlfriend WhatsApp is Safer Spy.

how to spy on my girlfriend's WhatsApp

Safer Spy is a professional cell phone monitoring solution that allows you to track your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages remotely after installing the app.

You can view all WhatsApp conversations including deleted ones through the spy keyboard on the monitoring panel, view WhatsApp photos and audios, track the cell phone location in real time and much more.

Safer Spy is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to monitor the activities of another cell phone. It is safe, easy to use and offers powerful features to track WhatsApp messages without missing anything.

Free trial for 48 hours