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How to Spy on Another Person’s Whatsapp

Many people want to know how to spy on another person’s WhatsApp, even for no apparent reason. Most of the time, this spy tendency is based on some suspicion of betrayal or even some kind of suspicious behavior.

Another reason that leads to WhatsApp spying could be the fear of losing the trust of a partner or someone who trusts him. This insecurity leads people to be curious and spy on other people’s WhatsApp accounts to make sure they are not being scammed.

In addition, with the advancement of technology, the number of people using WhatsApp as a means of communication has grown, thus making it easier for them to meet new people.

In summary, there are many reasons why people are tempted to spy on others’ WhatsApp. However, it is important to remember that this is generally not legal, we do not encourage you to carry out any procedure without the consent of the other person.

Table of Contents

1st METHOD: How to spy on another person's WhatsApp with Safer Spy 🥇

  • 🕵️‍♂️ How does a spy app works:

To get started you must download and install the app on the device you want to monitor. It will be invisible on the device forwarding information to your dashboard.

In step 1 of the installation, it’s time to register an email and password of your choice. Once this is done and completing the installation, the cell phone is now monitored undetectably.

Safer Spy will start sending the information to an exclusive panel, which can be accessed by you from any device with internet, through the email and password you registered when installing the app.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

  • 💵 How much does a spy app cost?

You can test for free for 48 hours, this period you must use to check which features your target device will support, after performing the test, if you want to continue using, you hire a plan.

Plans may vary depending on how long the App is used. You can check prices and plans by clicking here.

  • 📍 Do I need access to the device I want to spy on?

Yes, you will need to have access to the device at least 1 time in order to install the spy app on the phone you want to monitor.

Start Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps:

Download and install the app
Download and install the app on the target cell phone. It takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% invisible.
Login to our website
Safer Spy will continuously send all the information from the mobile to your online account.
Monitor the target device
By accessing your account online, through a cell phone or computer, you will be able to see all the information of the monitored cell phone.

Dozens of Resources. An app.

Install and start secret monitoring. Watch the video and find out how:

Free trial for 48 hours

2nd METHOD: How to spy on another person's WhatsApp with other spy apps

  • mSpy 

mSpy is a spy app that allows you spy on another person’s WhatsApp. It is mainly used by parents to track their children’s devices to monitor their WhatsApp activity, but it can also be used by employers and spouses.

The app can be installed on any iOS or Android device and allows you to monitor calls, text messages, social media apps, location, apps, web browsers, emails, photos and much more.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

Once installed, the application will anonymously send data and information to your control panel, allowing you to view and monitor everything that happens on the device.

  • eyeZy 

eyeZy spy app is a cell phone monitoring app that allows users to monitor other people’s devices. The app allows users to view data including calls, text messages, emails, location, contacts, photos and more.

Furthermore, EyeZy offers additional features like call recording, screen recording, audio recording and much more.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

The app also offers additional features like real-time device monitoring, remote lock and data backup. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • ClevGuard

ClevGuard is a cell phone monitoring app. It provides parents with a means to monitor their kid’s cell phone usage such as calls, texts, social media apps, location, etc. The app allows parents to check their children’s activity and control their mobile phone usage.

Parents can connect to ClevGuard and see all their child’s cell phone information. The app also gives you a detailed overview of all your kid’s cell phone activity including calls, texts, social media apps, etc.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

Additionally, ClevGuard offers a cool location feature. It allows you to access any address your child has been to.

3rd METHOD: How to spy on another person's WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

If you want to use WhatsApp Web instead of a app to spy on another person’s WhatsApp follow these easy steps listed below.

1. Open WhatsApp Web on your computer via this link:

2. Take your target’s phone, open the WhatsApp app, and press the three dots in the upper right corner.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

3. Click on “Linked devices”

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

4. Then on “Link a device”

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

5. A screen with a QR code reader will appear

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

6. Point the code reader at your computer’s QR code and your connection will be established for you to see real-time messages on your screen!

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

📌 Remember that your target receives notifications on your device that someone is connected to your WhatsApp, and when viewing the conversations, they will appear as “already viewed” to the target, unlike the spy app.

4th METHOD: How to spy on another person's WhatsApp with Keylogger ⌨️

Keylogger is used to record keystrokes on a keyboard, usually in secret, so that the person using the keyboard does not know that their actions are being monitored.

You must be wondering how to spy on another person’s WhatsApp with a keylogger. The good news is that the Safer Spy spy app, which we introduced in method 1, also has the Keylogger feature on its dashboard.

So you can capture all the keys typed in WhatsApp by another person, ordered by date and time of the conversation.

Can I read WhatsApp messages from another person?

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

Yes, you can read someone else’s WhatsApp messages and there is an app to spy on another person’s WhatsApp.

It is a spy app that works by installing it on the cell phone of the person you want to monitor.

The application will collect all the WhatsApp information of the monitored person and send this data to a secure server where you can access it through your own device.

At the beginning of this article, we recommended the Safer Spy app to spy on another person’s WhatsApp, in addition to being invisible, it is 100% undetectable.

Click the button below to complete your free trial!

Free trial for 48 hours

Common questions

Tracking someone on WhatsApp is an easy task, but still it can be difficult to understand. The first thing you should do is make sure you have authorization to access the other person’s device.

After that, you need to install a message spy app, like Safer Spy, on the device used by the target. This app have a complete set of features to check your WhatsApp activity, including text messages, audio and photos, as well as who is chatting.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

Now, you can access your account at any time and see all messages, audio and photos sent and received, through your own cell phone.

Infidelity is one of the biggest concerns every relationship has. And the first signs of infidelity are usually subtle.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

When someone starts to cheat, they will try hard not to get caught, and that means they will try to hide their suspicious behavior. So, if you’re worried that something is wrong, watch out for these behaviors from your partner:

  1. Sudden change in attitude: If your partner has started to behave in an inexplicable or aggressive way, he may be feeling guilty about something and showing his stress.
  2. Decreased Seeing Frequency: If someone is being unfaithful, it is possible that they will avoid face-to-face meetings or that they will start to break the stipulated times to see each other.
  3. Loss of interest in you and your relationship: Your partner may begin to get caught up in choices and priorities and may reduce or even lose interest in activities or conversations that you two used to do together.
  4. Privacy: Your partner may start to protect their private space a lot more, becoming distant and closing themselves off from the outside world.

If you’re noticing these signs, the best thing to do is install a spy app on his device to check what’s going on.

These days, there are many ways to monitor other people’s WhatsApp conversations, but they all involve using your phone in some way.

For example, the WhatsApp application has a function called Web, which allows you to access WhatsApp conversations on your computer, as long as you have paired your mobile phone with the computer.

how to spy on another person's WhatsApp

In addition, there are third-party tools like espionage apps that allow you to monitor third-party cell phones, accessing WhatsApp conversations, as well as accessing outgoing calls, SMS, keystrokes and much more.

Since there is no way to monitor other people’s WhatsApp conversations without using your cell phone, the best way to prevent others from seeing your conversations is to be diligent in protecting your phone.