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Cell Phone Tracking

How to Monitor a Cell Phone For Free

Knowing how to monitor a cell phone for free can be a questionable practice, but there are several reasons why people choose to do it.

For parents with younger children, cell phone monitoring can be a way to ensure they are safe while using technology. Parents can use monitoring to track their children’s location and make sure they are safe.

Furthermore, parents can keep track of the content their children are accessing or viewing and ensure that they are not engaging in inappropriate activities.

For couples, cell phone monitoring can be a way to increase trust in the relationship. If one partner is having doubts about the other’s loyalty, cell phone monitoring can help clear things up.

how to monitor a cell phone for free

Some employers also use cell phone monitoring to ensure that their employees are not using their work equipment for personal purposes.

Ultimately, each case is unique, and people must assess whether tracking someone else’s cell phone is really necessary. It is important to remember that cell phone monitoring should be done with consideration and respect.

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How to monitor a cell phone for free with spy app

  • 🕵️‍♂️ How a spy app to monitor a cell phone for free works

To get started you must download and install the app on the device you want to monitor. It will be invisible on the device forwarding information to your dashboard.

In step 1 of the installation, it’s time to register an email and password of your choice. Once this is done and completing the installation, the cell phone is now monitored undetectably.

Safer Spy will start sending the information to an exclusive panel, which can be accessed by you from any device with internet, through the email and password you registered when installing the app.

how to monitor a cell phone for free

  • 💵 How much does a spy app to monitor a cell phone for free cost

You can test for free for 48 hours, this period you must use to check which features your target device will support, after performing the test, if you want to continue using, you hire a plan.

Plans may vary depending on how long the App is used. You can check prices and plans by clicking here.

  • 📍 Do I need access to the device I want to spy on?

Yes, you will need to have access to the device at least 1 time in order to install the spy app on the phone you want to monitor.

Start Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps:

Download and install the app
Download and install the app on the target cell phone. It takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% invisible.
Login to our website
Safer Spy will continuously send all the information from the mobile to your online account.
Monitor the target device
By accessing your account online, through a cell phone or computer, you will be able to see all the information of the monitored cell phone.

Free Trial for 48 hours

10 Best spy apps to monitor a cell phone for free

  1. Safer Spy 🥇
  2. mSpy 🥈
  3. Snoopza 🥉
  4. uMobix
  5. ClevGuard
  6. Flexispy
  7. XNSPY
  8. eyeZy
  9. SpyBubble
  10. Spyera

# 1) Safer Spy 🥇

how to monitor a cell phone for free

Safer Spy is a highly reliable spy app that allows you to monitor a cell phone without root.

The Safer Spy spy application is compatible with any cell phone with an Android system.

Next, see its main functions and then see how easy and quick it is to install the application in the tutorial below and start monitoring secretly right now.

Dozens of Resources. An app.
Install and start secret monitoring. Watch the video and find out how:

Free trial for 48 hours

# 2) mSpy

The best parental monitoring app.

how to monitor a cell phone for free

mSpy is part of a large lineup of spy apps to monitor a cell phone released in recent years. What really sets it apart from the others on this list is the fact that it is primarily used as a parental monitoring app. mSpy offers a limited number of features.

With it, you will get all the basic features like WhatsApp monitoring, location tracking, media file monitoring, etc. mSpy, but it lacks advanced features like call recording, for example. However, you can remotely control apps and programs on an installed device through mSpy.


  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Media File Tracking
  • Online Activity Tracking

Verdict: mSpy is ideal for those who are satisfied with basic spy functions related to calls, online WhatsApp tracking and location tracking.


  • 1 month: $48.99/mo*
  • 3 months: $28.00/mo*
  • 6 months: $11.67/mo*

# 3) Snoopza

The best spy app to monitor a cell phone 24/7.

how to monitor a cell phone for free

Snoopza is a spy app to monitor a cell phone for free that gives you full access to a person’s Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook messages and best of all in a completely invisible way.

Perhaps the feature that really makes this app stand out is the ability to access reading messages, recording calls, tracking location, monitoring media, etc., which can also be done easily through this intuitive app.


  • Video monitoring
  • Call recording and tracking
  • Hack whatsapp messages
  • Media File Tracking
  • Location tracking

Verdict: Snoopza is a phenomenal tool, especially if you want to monitor your partner safely. That alone makes the tool worth buying. Plus, it’s extremely affordable.

Price: Standard, 1 month: $ 14,95; 3 months: $3 4,95 and 12 months: $99,95. Professional, 1 month: $ 29,95; 3 months: $ 49,95 and 12 months: $ 129,95.

# 4) uMobix

The best real-time spy app to monitor a cell phone.

cell phone tracker application

uMobix is the only spy application to monitor a cell phone for free that works perfectly on iOS and Android. That means you can install it with no obstacles in the way and monitor it without errors.

uMobix does not require you to unlock iOS devices, unlike many other competitors. Just provide the iCloud iD and password and start monitoring once the backup runs.

This spy application to monitor a cell phone for free offers absolutely innovative features like online status indicator (tracks when user is online), real-time reports for Android, WhatsApp monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.


  • Call and SMS tracking
  • WhatsApp Monitoring
  • Facebook Messenger Tracking
  • Browser history
  • GPS location tracking

Verdict: Even though Mobix doesn’t offer many features, it’s still a good app if you have kids. Whatever feature it offers, it executes with impeccable elegance. However, it can get very expensive, especially if you are thinking of spying on multiple devices.

Price: Starting at $49,99 per month.

# 5) ClevGuard

Tracking with real-time features

cell phone tracker application

ClevGuard, this app can be used for something as basic as monitoring WhatsApp calls and messages, or something even more advanced like hacking cameras and logging keys.

In addition to offering a cell phone spy, ClevGuard is also a WhatsApp hacking website that offers Anti-Spyware service to protect against attacks or viruses that your mobile device might face.


  • Real-time futuristic dashboard
  • Location tracking
  • Access to GPS, photos, videos and calls
  • Comprehensive online activity tracking

Verdict: ClevGuard offers different types of products within its website, offering much more than just a website to hack WhatsApp.

ClevGuard also offers mobile products in Android and iOS versions.

Price: 1 month: $ 29,95; 3 months: $ 49,95; 12 months: $ 99,95.

# 6) Flexispy

Best for advanced and expansive spy features.

cell phone tracker application

FlexiSPY is another very popular spy application to monitor a cell phone for free that is often counted among the best apps of its kind. Its extensive and intuitive list of features helps further solidify its legacy as one of the best phone spy application to to monitor a cell phone remotely.

The app can be used for something as basic as monitoring calls and messages, or something even more advanced, like hacking cameras and logging keys. The application performs all the functionalities it offers in a spectacular way and does not require any effort on the part of the user for its perfect operation.


  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Social media monitoring and recording
  • environmental recording
  • Geo-fencing
  • keylogger

Verdict: FlexiSPY prides itself on packing more features than any other spy application on this list or on the market today. It works perfectly on Android and iOS devices and will satisfy users with the need for extensive phone spying experience. However, it is extremely expensive to unlock its advanced features.

Price: The LITE plan is $ 29,95 per month, the PREMIUM plan is $ 68 per month, and the EXTREME plan is $ 199 for 3 months.

# 7) XNSPY

Best for online and offline phone tracking.

cell phone tracker application

XNSPY is perhaps one of the most popular spy application to monitor a cell phone for free on the list. In fact, it can be considered an industry leader when it comes to spyware applications. It can be a great surveillance tool to keep an eye on your children and your employees.

It is packed with more than 30 advanced features that allow you to track incoming and outgoing phone calls, track SMS in real time. In addition, you can also track the GPS location of the phone, which is useful when you are trying to track the location of your children or to find a lost phone.

The app has introduced more advanced features in recent years, such as WIFI logs and WhatsApp monitoring. The app is constantly evolving and getting better with each passing day.


  • Monitor phone calls and messages
  • Access chats on WhatsApp
  • Keylogger
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitor online activities

Verdict: XNSPY combines advanced features, affordable prices, and strong customer support to bring one of the best spy phone apps available to Android and iPhone users today. Its ever-evolving nature makes it worth buying.

Price: Annual $ 89,99 – Quarterly $ 59,99 – Monthly $ 35,99.

# 8) eyeZy

Best for monitoring activities on phones and tablets.

cell phone tracker application

eyeZy is an intuitive and, above all, easy-to-use cell phone spy app that makes monitoring a phone or tablet 10 times more convenient. eyeZy allows you to spy on any computer, smartphone or tablet via a web browser, which means you don’t need to be near the device to track it.

eyeZy does not require you to repair or unlock a specific device for the app to be installed on it. You don’t need any technical knowledge to make the app monitor the device you want.

Also, it can perform all the necessary functions like GPS location tracking, call monitoring, online activity and SMS that are expected from apps of its nature.


  • Call and message monitoring
  • WhatsApp message tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • GPS tracking
  • Online social media monitoring

Verdict: eyeZy is a handy phone spy application to monitor a cell phone for free that implements all the spy features you will need to monitor a device effectively. It’s awesome to use and affordable to buy.

Price: 1 month: $ 37,99; 3 months: $ 54,00; 12 months: $ 97,87.

# 9) SpyBubble

Best for phone tracking for Mac, Windows and iOS.

cell phone tracker application

SpyBubble is a very easy to use spy application and even easier to install on the device you want to monitor. It is a cloud-based app that implements all the features you would expect from mobile phone spy apps of this nature.

The device performs spectacularly well in stealth mode. Thus, the phone user is not even aware that their calls, messages, location, and online activities are being tracked and reported remotely. The app can also activate a smartphone’s camera and take pictures without the person in question noticing.

All registered information is sent and can be accessed from a secure web-based account.


  • Record calls
  • WhatsApp Tracking Online
  • GPS tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • Print Screen
  • Remote camera access

Verdict: SpyBubble gives you full control of the device it’s deployed on, and operates it silently, without anyone noticing. As such, the app is extremely intuitive and very easy to use.

Price: 1 month $ 49,99; 3 months $ 83,97; 12 months $ 139,92.

# 10) Spyera

The best for spying on PCs and phones.

cell phone tracker application

Spyera is a spy application for PC and cell phones. It offers remarkable spying features that work perfectly well. The features it is best known for include monitoring employee or child cell phone and computer activities, location tracking, and much more.

It offers a multitude of features that can be helpful in monitoring and controlling your target’s activity. The tool is undetectable and can be used on multiple platforms, regardless of operating systems.


  • Cell phone and computer monitoring
  • Track online activity in real time.
  • Location tracking
  • 10 day money back guarantee

Verdict: The app is incredibly smart and performs all of its spy functions flawlessly. It is very confident in its capabilities, so much so that it offers users a 10-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool. That alone makes the app worth checking out.

Price: Cell Phones: $ 89,00/month; Tablets: $ 69,00/month; Computer: $ 49,00/month;  All-in-One: $ 479,00/year.

Can I monitor a phone for free?

For you who want to know how to monitor a cell phone for free. Yes, it is possible to monitor a phone for free. There are several apps available online that can help you track someone else’s phone.

These apps offer features like location, call log, access to text messages, app log and much more. Some of these tools require you to install software on your phone or on a computer to monitor someone else’s phone.

cell phone tracker application

Some of the most popular apps are Safer Spy, mSpy, Snoopza, uMobix, ClevGuard and FlexiSpy. These apps usually offer a free trial version, which allows you to try out the features before purchasing the full version.

Click the button below to discover the most complete application to monitor a cell phone for free for 48 hours!